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Clean Sweep System

Clean Sweep System




Grand Rapids, MI – August 26, 2015 Telescopic Seating Systems, LLC announces the introduction of the Clean Sweep System (international patents pending) that will revolutionize movie theater recliner seating cleaning.  The latest trend in movie theater seating is luxury powered recliner seating.  Theater owners are realizing that recliners take dramatically more time to clean than rocker-style seating.  Presence of the recliner ottoman which obstructs cleaning when closed, requires the need to open and close the recliner for complete cleaning access.  The amount of time required to open and close the recliner directly increases the cost of cleaning.  Telescopic Seating Systems has solved these problems by keeping recliner mechanisms off the floor.  This eliminates the nooks and crannies that trap and hold decaying food. TSS’ Clean Sweep System allows all recliners to be opened and closed simultaneously with the push of a button.


It can take up to 1-1/2 labor hours to press the recliner extend and retract buttons to clean a room of 90 recliners, with 30 seconds to open the recliner, and 30 seconds to close it.   The 1-1/2 cleaning hours are reduced to approximately ONE MINUTE with the Clean Sweep System.  The added operating cost of cleaning a theater can be tremendous so immediate payback is one benefit of the TSS Clean Sweep System.


TSS’ patent pending Clean Sweep System is customizable.  Configurations include entire room control, single row control, select chair(s) control…all while maintaining individual control of chairs.  Secure control can be wired or wireless. Clean Sweep is also available in standard and advanced models.  Features include under chair lighting to aid cleaning, programmable under chair lighting, and preventive maintenance modes. Clean Sweep’s advantages range from labor savings to cleaner theaters, POS integration and retrofitting.   Existing recliner seating from any company could be retrofitted with the TSS’ Clean Sweep System. 




Telescopic Seating Systems, LLC is an International Public Seating and Telescopic Systems Company based in the US whose technologies have been installed in Major Facilities World Wide.  Indoor & Outdoor Public Seating and Telescopic System Product Categories include Sporting, Arena, College, Business, Performing Arts, Government, etc.  Products include Upholstered Chairs, Plastic Stadium/Arena Chairs, and Telescopic Seating Platforms. The key personnel of the firm have a vast amount of experience in the seating industry. For more information, visit

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